Cookie Policy

Last Updated: September 01 2023

ZEBEDEE Cookie Policy

We respect your privacy and we are committed to ensuring that you are adequately informed on how you can manage your cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files. When you visit a website, the website sends the cookie to your computer. Your computer stores it in a file located inside your web browser.

Cookies do not transfer viruses or malware to your computer. The data in a cookie does not change when it travels back and forth and has no way to affect how your computer runs. Instead, they act more like logs (i.e. they record user activity and remember stateful information), and get updated every time you visit a website.

Cookies set by the website operator are called “first party cookies”. Cookies set by parties other than the website operator are called “third party cookies”. The parties that set third party cookies can recognize your web browser both when it visits the ZEBEDEE website and when it visits certain other websites where the third party’s cookies are also present.

We may obtain information about you by accessing cookies sent by our website. Different types of cookies keep track of different activities. For example, session cookies are used only when a person is actively navigating a website. Once you leave the website, the session cookie disappears. For a more detailed list of cookies we use, please see the Cookie Table below.

Why do we use cookies?

We use functional cookies to analyse how visitors and clients use our website, as well as track and improve our website’s performance and functioning. This allows us to provide a high-quality customer experience by quickly identifying and fixing any issues that may arise. For example, we might use cookies to keep track of which website pages are most popular and which method of linking between website pages is most effective.

The following are some examples of information that we collect and how we may use it:

Types of cookies we use

Will this cookie policy be updated?

We may update this Cookie Policy from time to time to reflect, for example, changes to the cookies we use, or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. If we do, you will be notified when you first visit our website after the change. You can also revisit this page if you wish to keep yourself informed.

How to manage cookies and similar technologies?

You can decide whether or not to accept and control the setting of cookies and similar technologies on your device using your browser’s settings. We cannot delete cookies and similar technologies set on the Site and/or the ZEBEDEE Wallet mobile app that are managed by other parties (for instance Google etc.).

Blocking and/or deleting cookies or similar technologies may mean that any Site and/or ZEBEDEE Wallet mobile app preferences will be lost. Blocking all cookies or similar technologies may also mean certain functionalities on the Site and/or ZEBEDEE Wallet mobile app will not operate properly. Please therefore note that if you choose to refuse or delete cookies or similar technologies, you may not be able to use the full functionality of the Site and/or ZEBEDEE Wallet mobile app.