Reward. Engage. Monetize. The future of gaming is here.

ZBD Rewards pays players real Bitcoin as they play

Real-money rewards can boost your engagement and retention, and can monetize 2-3 times better than non-rewarded games.

The proof is in the numbers


Worldwide D30 Retention

Bitcoin Miner

Retention and monetization went through the roof.


Active User Count in month After Launch


Growth driven by better tech and tapping into our ecosystem.


aRPDAU in India

Ludo Zenith

Significant increase in revenue per daily active user.


Worldwide ARPDAU


Powerful monetization boost in all geographies.

Global, secure, and fully featured

Power micro-transactions instantly with no minimums

We’re the only service that accommodates every Lightning Network implementation available.

Reach new audiences in over 120 countries

Expand your games’ reach to new audiences with the decentralized power of Bitcoin.

Tap into our highly-engaged social community

Join our vibrant community, promote your game, and enjoy the perks of our incentive program. 

Seamlessly integrate ZBD rewards into your app

We give your developers a best-in-class experience that’s robust and reliable.

Integrate ZBD Rewards

We offer two ways to integrate: our plug-and-play SDK or our fully customizable API.

Trusted by independent developers and major studios worldwide

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When we released Bitcoin Miner, players weren’t that interested in it. Once we put real Bitcoin into the game, everything changed.

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picture of Paul West

Paul West

Founder & CEO at Fumb Games

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The ZBD team have been great! The integration and technical support was top notch. As well as acting as a great sounding board for game design and UA questions.

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picture of John Hook

John Hook

Co-Founder and CMO of PlayEmber

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