The ZBD Rewards SDK

Introducing our new plug-and-play SDK

Building on Unity? Our newest option, the plug-and-play SDK is simple and secure with an easy low-code implementation.

How it works

Create a UI element in your game that opens up a pre-designed rewards screen

Choose colors and upload graphics that match your game

Set the amount players are rewarded for the first minute played, and every few minutes following.

Rewards are automatically paid out to the player’s ZBD account.

Set the daily available rewards a player can earn.

Every fifth reward is big to keep players working towards a checkpoint.

What you get with our SDK

Effortless Integration

Our drag-and-drop Unity SDK is built with minimal configurations required in code. You also get customizable colors and icons.

Built-in security

Safeguards against bots, anomalies, device tampering, VPN use, and geo-location issues. Also prevents idle players from receiving payouts.

Streamlined payments

Get automated payouts directly from the ZBD Developer Dashboard. Reward levels are set in USD, safeguarding from Bitcoin price volatility.

Trusted by independent developers and major studios worldwide

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When we released Bitcoin Miner, players weren’t that interested in it. Once we put real Bitcoin into the game, everything changed.

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picture of Paul West

Paul West

Founder & CEO at Fumb Games

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The ZBD team have been great! The integration and technical support was top notch. As well as acting as a great sounding board for game design and UA questions.

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picture of John Hook

John Hook

Co-Founder and CMO of PlayEmber

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